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At AEC Green Lighting LLC we offer customized solutions to meet your business needs and to build strong lifelong relationships. We treat every customer as we want to be treated.

Our process ensures that absolutely nothing falls through the cracks, whether it’s delivering our product or addressing client questions or concerns. Calling ourselves a well-oiled machine might be cliché, but it has the benefit of describing AEC Green Lighting LLC perfectly! Other than a passion for what we do, there is real dedication here. This means that we’re constantly striving to improve ourselves for our customers. When you work with AEC Green Lighting LLC, you join a team of people who believe in the genuine value of customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to treat every customer like we’d want to be treated ourselves. It is more than just a service to us. It is a chance to earn your trust and confidence, and we aim to do just that. Every time.

Products we provide and install

  • LED Solar and/or wind powered street lights

  • Geothermal heating and cooling units

  • Solar roofing

  • Solar panels

  • Cameras mount to lights

  • Outdoor Theater LED lighting

Why go green with A.E.C Green Lighting LLC?

  • Construction and demolition

  • Save money on your electric bills with our energy efficient LED street lights

  • Get DTE Energy Efficiency Program perks

  • No more parking lot lighting bills

  • Estimated return on investment is 3.5 years

  • 100% green energy initiative

  • LED lights are brighter, better security in staff parking areas

  • We are able to work on weekends & nights so as not to disrupt your daily work schedules

  • Your wires are cut & capped; new lights have no wires

  • Several styles of lights available

  • Site cleaned up after installation

  • 10 year pole warranty, 5 year solar panel warranty, and 3 year battery warranty available

  • Maintenance plan available after warranty

  • Financing available for qualifying customers after a 50% deposit

  • Battery Back-up

  • Retrofit existing light to LED technology

  • Retrofit to LED & also wind/solar

  • Optional pole replacement

Cost Comparison:

  • Typically lights cost around $1200/year for utility cost, $1000 every 3 years for new bulbs and maintenance.
  • LED lamp only retrofit is $3500 up front cost plus $500 yearly for utility costs.
  • AEC’s wind/solar pole, new installation, is $5000 upfront with NO utility costs. $700 for new batteries every 6 yrs ($500 for the batteries, $200 for the change out labor cost.)
  • AEC’s wind/solar pole + demo and removal of existing pole is $7,000 upfront plus only $700 for new batteries every 6 years.
Energy Savings Comparison LED T8 Tube Fluorescent Tube
Spot Light Quality 300 300
Watt (W) 8 50
Hours of Use Per Day 10 10
Electricity Price (KW/Hr) $0.30 $0.30
Total Consumption (KW/year) 8,760 54,750
Electricity Cost Per Year $2,628.00 $16,425.00
Electricity Cost Per Tube/year $8.76 $54.75
Lifetime of Tube (hours) 35,000 8,000-12,000
Cost of 8W LED Spot Light $14.50
Estimated Return on Investment 1.66 Years

Custom home and historical remodeling
& new construction

You spend more time in your home that anywhere else and you deserve a living environment that rewards you with happiness. Whether it’s a bathroom or kitchen renovation, a new addition or a multi-million dollar custom project, our passion and dedication is to bring your vision to reality. Whatever your reasons are for considering improvements to your home, we respect how important those reasons are. You deserve a contractor that delivers you the transparency and peace of mind from start to finish.
Whether you’re considering a starter home or a multi-million dollar showpiece, we understand how important of a decision this is for you. We have perfected the custom home building process with our unique Client Control approach to construction.
Historic Home renovations can be tricky at times, however, we have seen it all and have amassed an arsenal of solutions to problems that traditionally arise from these types of projects.


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